Tightenz Vaginal Tightening Inserts


  • TIGHTENS IN MINUTES Reverses vaginal laxity/loosening instantly with spot on placement guaranteed.
  • FINEST QUALITY Formulated with only premium quality herbal ingredients
  • MADE IN THE USA Manufactured and safety tested in FDA registered laboratory. All natural and GRAS (recognized as safe) No parabens, alum, hormones.
  • MOST EFFECTIVE vaginal tightening suppositories Unlike creams or gels Tightenz achieves optimal placement for maximum tightening.

Tightenz Vaginal Tightening all natural and organic vaginal tightening suppositories create snug and intense contact instantly. This is the only vaginal tightening product that can assure optimal placement of ingredients into the vaginal walls for the most effective tightening (unlike creams, gels, and pills).

Must check out this product may be you like it.

This proprietary 100% all-natural organic formula contains the highest quality ingredients including Manjakani/Oak Gall. Manjakani has been used for centuries to tighten the vagina after childbirth, reverse vaginal loosening and eliminate odor. Why spend hours doing Kegel exercises or using Ben Wa Balls when you can get immediate results without the expense and risk of vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

Tightenz has been safety tested in an FDA-regulated laboratory and is manufactured in the USA. Contains no parabens, alum, or hormones, not tested on animals. Tighten ships in discrete packaging with a 60-day money back 100% satisfaction assurance

Tightenz Vaginal Tightening


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