Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick In UAE


Vaginal Tightening Stick, Vaginal Getting Tighter, Vaginal Repair Shrink Stick for Rejuvenation, Narrowing, Treating and Shrinking Vagina Muscle for Female

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Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick In UAE

1. Night Beauty Vagina controls sex indifference, enhance the flexibility of the vagina and improve sex sensation, make you feel like a young lady inside 30 second

2. Invigorate the female hormone and defer maturing;

3. Clean the vagina condition, take out the poison from the vagina;

4. Manage the incretion, and disintegrate the pigmentation shading spots on the face;

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Talcum Powder, Honeysuckle, Pearl Powder, Borneol, BaiFan Powder, Madura Mountain Roots


1. Use it before half or one hour of sexual love.

2. In the wake of cleaning the vagina, wash the stick, at that point embed it to the vagina gradually, and turned for around 30 seconds, because of various individual circumstances, the longest time is close to 1 minute!

3. Subsequent to utilizing, wash the thing again for the next use. It can not be washed excessively long, else, it will be lessen the utilizing times.


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