Female Arousal Gel – Slip & Slide


Premium Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant – Slip & Slide – Natural Stimulation and Lubrication for an Intense Episode (15ml)

  • Female Arousal Gel: Our gel will make sexual encounters more pleasurable. With its natural peppermint extract, the menthol gives a warming, tingling, stimulating sensation that is unlike any other. It also helps increase sexual sensitivity.

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  • FEMALE LIBIDO ENHANCEMENT: Female sex drive is a tricky thing to understand. Sex can be really painful and uncomfortable for women when the vagina is not properly lubricated. This gel is the best lubricant for painful sex. This vaginal gel will help you enjoy sexual encounters with your partner more than ever before.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This gel is water-based and is designed to mimic natural cervical mucus. Peppermint is added to give a warm, tingling, stimulating sensation.
  • EASY TO USE: This gel comes in an easy-to-use squeeze tube. Use a pea-sized amount (or your preference) to increase sensitivity. Apply this lubricant gel to your clitoris and the surrounding area, your partner’s body, or your favorite toy. You can get more frequent and intense orgasms when using it.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE Slip & Slide Female Gel will satisfy you.


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