Butt Acne Clearing Lotion


  • The first ever acne clearing lotion formulated specifically for the buttocks.
  • Softens & Clears your skin from butt breakouts within 24 hours
  • See drastic improvements day-after-day
  • Guaranteed results with a money-back guarantee
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliate to reveal new even-toned skin while aloe, calendula, and arnica soothe inflammation
  • Lotion is pH balanced for sensitive skin of the butt and suitable for other areas of the body like back, thighs, and shoulders.

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion: Say bye-bye to buttocks breakouts! If button, body acne, or bacne have you down, we can turn it around! It can be embarrassing to show your bottom, thighs, and back when ugly pimples rear their head. What a confidence buster, not to mention it doesn’t feel hygienic.

Introducing Butt Acne Clearing Lotion, a scientifically formulated & easy to use lotion, that will return your butt to a smooth, supple texture you will love.

Acne products for the face aren’t made for the sensitive & thick skin of the buttocks. Butt Acne Clearing Lotion has gentle exfoliating acids that reveal new skin and intense moisturizers to make your butt baby soft.

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We have created a unique product that gives real results. Other products have come to market but don’t have the years of research we have behind our formula. You will see the difference!

We are a transparent company and want you to know what to expect. Everyone is different; however, the vast majority of people experience skin softening and breakout disruption within the first 24 hours of use (2 applications). Most people report good breakout reduction and decreased redness in 1-2 weeks. A few people needed 1-3 months to report a significant breakout reduction.

This product has worked for thousands of happy customers. However, a small percentage of people do not see results. Other Factors: Excess sweating, milk allergy, tight-fitting clothing, shaving, and hormones play a role. Pay attention to these things before giving up hope.

We are the inventors of Butt Acne Clearing Lotion a revolutionary, first-to-market product targeting butt acne backed by scientific research. (Unique Patent Pending Formula). We invented the butt facial before belfies were a thing. We think you’ll love the results & we stand behind our products – no pun intended!


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